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What is B Corp?

B Corp is an internationally recognised certification for companies who can demonstrate that they meet high standards in social and environmental performance. To gain accreditation companies undergo a 'Business Impact Assessment' covering 5 impact areas, which include governance, workers, environment, community, and customers.

Once a company can achieve a minimum of 80 verified points on the impact assessment, they are awarded certification. This must be renewed every 3 years to maintain B Corp status.

Cornwall already has over 40 existing certified B Corps, this makes it only 2nd to London in the number of B Corp accredited companies.

"A business’ sustainability commitment is a powerful attraction and retention magnet for talent, but you have to live up to those commitments for this to be truly meaningful. That is why making a public commitment, such as B Corp certification is important to me, because it holds us to account and demonstrates our pledge to our colleagues and customers.

But there are other tangible benefits, including building networks, retaining customers, influencing the supply chain and attracting ethical investment - all whilst helping the planet."

Julie-Anne Sunderland, Chief People Officer Wildanet