Acceptable use policy


Network neutrality and website blocking policy

Wildanet will use traffic management and website blocking to protect our network's security and integrity. We will also restrict access if a court orders us to. We will prioritise traffic especially time-sensitive services, such as iPlayer or Netflix to ensure a high Quality of Service (QoS)

We want to maintain a neutral network and are fully supportive of what is termed "Net Neutrality". We understand that there is a fragile balance between the openness of the internet and the responsible use of traffic management including site blocking. The is our basic policy towards those aims.


Blocking of unlawful sites

Wildanet uses pfsense to block potentially harmful sites for all customers and operates a parental control to restrict access to sites that for example show pornography. Customers can contact Wildanet to have parental controls remove.

However, we have an ongoing policy to stop the following:

- All sites that we are required to block due to UK law or as requested by court orders or government policy.

- All sites that illegally distribute copyrighted material.

- Sites that contain viruses, malware, phishing practices or any other activity that may damage Wildanet or our Network Service Provider's networks.


Blocking of lawful websites

We do not block any lawful website on the internet.

We will not attempt to block access to services, content or application that compete with our own services.


Traffic management

Wildanet will not target throttling of a competing service to make it unusable on our network.

Wildanet uses traffic management to protect the user experience of all our customers, this may mean that users that are excessive will find some services throttled at peak times.

Wildanet will never directly or indirectly prioritise some traffic over other traffic in exchange for money or to benefit an affiliated party.