Everything is rosy for ground maintenance company TMS Ltd with Wildanet

Team Maintenance Services (TMS) Limited had terrible difficulties with their internet supplied by a well-known provider. Situated in rural mid-Cornwall, the commercial grounds maintenance company, which has been running for 25 years, was feeling limited by its connectivity. 

The landscaping company provides services to schools, colleges and industrial estates conducting grounds maintenance, tree surgery and surveys and even road repairs and fixing windows.

Company owner, John Julyan, is also an organic farmer, with Team Maintenance Services based on-site at the farm. As an organic farmer, John believes the best way to grow is naturally, a strategy which has contributed to the success of the farm and his landscaping company.

“We’ve slowly grown over the years to our current level which is about 20 employees, and we cover the whole of Cornwall with our client base which is well-established,” said John.

While a larger team was a positive step for the company, it meant their internet was struggling to allow everyone to work efficiently.

Houses have also been built on-site for residents and those working at the location. With a need for both residential and commercial connectivity, the service offered by their previous provider was unable to cope with the demand.

“It’s very hard to describe the difficulty that we have had, it has been absolutely atrocious, from computers not working to computers not syncing. As computers have gone to a more cloud-based system, the need for better connectivity should have been there and it hasn’t been”, said John.

Having had several difficulties with their previous, well-known provider, John started looking at more cost-efficient internet services which were suitable to their location and needs. After meeting somebody from Wildanet at the Royal Cornwall Show, Wildanet came up with a package to cover both John’s residential and commercial needs.

“Wildanet saw our need and did a site visit which they arranged fairly quickly. We could then start discussing how we could do this, how much it was going to cost and what government grants were available for small businesses to be able to facilitate this,” said John.

“When we priced it, we looked at the finances, and a well-known national provider was nearly ten times the price to do the same thing.”

Now, Wildanet’s superfast, reliable broadband has supercharged Team Maintenance Services’ business operations and the site residents’ connectivity, with Wildanet even providing temporary solutions when needed to keep the business up and running.

“The internet connection that we have with Wildanet now has taken a job that was becoming increasingly difficult and very frustrating, back to a level that is normal and functioning properly”, said John.

“We can run two or three computers in the office without any issues whatsoever, the speed is good and all our guys on the ground can connect through their mobile phones.”

Team Maintenance Services Limited is looking to grow and employ more local people as well as maintain its good customer base and personalised service. Thanks to Wildanet they can now uphold their trusted status in the community and grow as a result.

Sherrie Walshaw, who has lived on-site at the farm for four years and worked for Team Maintenance Services for two, can see from both a business and residential perspective how Wildanet has benefited everyone on site, allowing them to rely on the Wi-Fi in a rural area where mobile data can be expensive and unreliable.

“It was brilliant, phoning and speaking to someone who understands the geography of Cornwall. “Overall, I have got nothing but praise for Wildanet”, said Sherrie.

Team Maintenance Services owner John mirrored that sentiment, saying: “Would we recommend Wildanet? Yes, we would.

“They have been very responsive, they have been very helpful, and with the Government grant funding, it’s worked for us. They’re a good company.”

Find out more about Team Maintenance Services Ltd. on their website.

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