People : Planet : Profit

How B|23 Started

Wildanet is an independent Cornish-based internet service provider, bringing gigabit-capable, high-speed broadband to homes, businesses, and communities throughout Devon and Cornwall.

Mission - We believe that every person, community and business has the right to be part of the worldwide digital community, and to benefit from all the opportunities that it brings. That no-one should be forgotten by virtue of place, or service. We will provide the fastest and the most reliable network for everyone, that is easy to implement and use, wherever you live.

Vision - Our vision is to erode all digital inequality, removing the digital divide wherever we may find it, we will work tirelessly to deliver digital connectivity to all.

Sustainable Business - Seeking to balance the triple bottom line of looking after the environment, looking after people, and looking after growth and profit, while achieving longevity for our company.

Responsible Business - Being aware of and taking responsible action regarding the above whilst ensuring that this includes our communities, including influence our supply chain.

We believe that our network and business should be positively additive for society and for the environment. We do not believe that Profit and Purpose are mutually exclusive. We believe that they are positive contributors to a successful business. To this end ESG has become a central tenant of our strategy.

Our responsibility to the environment, the local economy and the communities we serve.

In January 2023 Wildanet were awarded £36m through two contracts under the Government / DSIT Project Gigabit Scheme to provide connectivity to 19,200 remote homes throughout West and Mid Cornwall. Our approach will be one that includes creating jobs through local employment and through the provision of technology that we will deliver in the most sustainable way possible using PIA (Physical Infrastructure Access) and existing infrastructure.

To achieve this aim, we realised we needed to collaborate more closely with other Cornish companies to create the right business ecosystem to deliver a more sustainable roll-out.

We chose B Corp as the methodology, accreditation and policy that would provide the right framework to achieve this end. Hence B|23 brings together several Cornish companies with a like-minded approach to profit and purpose. Regenerative/collaborative better future. Future now.